Electronic 1099 Signup and Request Form



Fill in the information below to Opt-In for 1099 eStatements. Please use your Adobe vendor number or Adobe Stock/Fotolia Account number and your Social Security number or Company’s Federal Tax Id number.

You will be able to view and download your 1099 eStatement here using the same credentials as above. Choosing the Opt-In option will allow you to use this portal to retrieve your 1099 for future tax years as well. When you Opt-in, you will no longer receive a 1099 via USPS mail.

EIN/TIN/SSN (no dashes):
Vendor Number:
1099 eStatements:
1099 Destination:

For Adobe Vendors - If you do not know your Adobe vendor number, please select �Invoice Payment Information� from the blue box on the left. Follow the instructions to look up any invoice. Once you have successfully found an invoice, your vendor # will show up. Please copy this # and click on Electronic 1099 Signup & Request to return and continue. You can also find your vendor number on any remittance advice notice or check stub you receive from Adobe.

For Adobe Stock/Fotolia Contributors - You can find your account number when you log into the Adobe Stock site. You can also get it by directing questions to https://contributor.stock.adobe.com/en/contact or Contributor-Support@adobe.com